CargoWize is a Startup at seed stage focused in revolutionising the road freight industry by simplifying the way road freight is currently managed. A company with vast potential and with a clear mission... To reduce Co2 emissions by helping the trucking companies increase their profits and exceed the shippers visibility requirements implementing "On Demand Trucking"

Our business model roadmap and development architecture applying the latest technologies have been created and completed, we are currently validating the product with numerous trucking companies and Shippers to backup the market's need at the same time as we provide value by connecting Shipper with Carriers.

The online Platform is currently under development as per schedule. To complete this phase and enable us to launch this product successfully into the market we are looking to raise seed capital from logistic partners, private investors, business angels and venture capital firms interested in making the difference with actions and not ideals. Becoming the facilitators of the social impact CargoWize has to offer.

Below you will find an "Explainer video" to better understand the functionality of CargoWize.


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